Casa De Canine Agility

Anita Tipton and ADCH Paddy with Judge Leslie Bickel

Anita and Paddy, from Missouri, earned their ADCH at our trial in Lawrence, KS in February 2015

Congratulations to Ann Zar with Skylar on their PDCH

Double Congratulations to Ami Sheffield with Pixel on their ADCH and with Tazer on their ADCH- Bronze.

Thank you to our judge Becky Dean.  June 2015

Heidi Randall and ADCH Dug with Judge Maureen Sullivan

Heidi and Dug, from Kansas, earned their ADCH at our trial in Blue Springs, MO in June 2014

Leath McLaughlin and ADCH Blast with Judge Carol Voelker

Leath and Blast, from Nebraska, earned their ADCH at out trial in Lawrence, KS in Feb.

Kansas City, USA


Shar Henry and  ADCH Gold Tar'N

     Shar and Tar'n, from Colorado, earned their ADCH Gold at our trial in Lincoln, NE in March 2014.