Nursery Classes ~

Designed for the beginner handler and/or beginner dog that may need some ring experience by being offered a smooth flowing course without the teeter, tire, spread jump or weave poles with a minimum of 15 obstacles. 

It allows the dog to jump any height except 26 inches. The 8 inch jump height will jump height will jump 4".
​The A-frame will be set 5’3”.

Clear round rosettes/ribbons are awarded, but no placements awards. The standard course time should be worked out by using Beginners Agility travel rates.

Refusals are not judged in this class.

​Dogs must be at least 15 months of age to enter this class.

​Dogs entered in the Nursery class may also enter the Speed Stakes classes available on that day, but may not enter any other classes.

UKI Jump Heights ~   (The 26" height has been removed.  24" is the top height.)

There are two options Regular and Select.  The Select Option is designed for the new dog, dog recovering from injury, older dog, or breeds that may find their Regular jump height too challenging. Dogs in the Select Option can jump one jump height lower than their Regular Height.​  There are no spreads in the Select Option

Transfer levels ~  All new handlers/owners that have been competing in the listed organizations must transfer their dogs into the equivalent UK Agility International level at the time of handler registration.

If a dog has participated in multiple Organizations, the highest level they are competing in at any organization will be used. Use the highest STANDARD AGILITY level for Transfer at the time of dog registration.

​​Dogs that have no competition history with an existing UKI member or that are under competition age at the time of handler registration will start in the Beginners level.

Speed Stakes Program ~Consists of courses designed with only jumps and pipe tunnels for a fun, fast and smooth flowing run. 

Both of these titling programs allow dogs and handlers to advance through the levels Beginners to Novice to Senior to Champion.

International Program ~Not to be confused with European/International/'Fancy' handling classes, consists of Standard Agility, Jumpers and Games Classes.

UKI Agility is a new agility venue that offers a wide variety of classes to all levels of skill and enthusiasm.

Casa De Canine Agility

Kansas City, USA

Not For Competition

A handler may choose to participate in any class they are eligible to compete in as “not for competition” (NFC). They may not run NFC in any class they are not eligible for. This must be stated in advance to the run and noted on the Scribe sheet with NFC. 

This will allow the handler to use the standard course time to train and practice the course.The handler may use the SCT to train any piece of equipment multiple times. If a handler chooses to train their startline, the time will be started once the handler begins to walk back towards their dog once they have left him.

If a handler chooses to participate in a class for NFC, he/she may use a toy or other like training device for rewarding their dog’s performance.No food or audible training aids or audible toys will be allowed.